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Why will the manipulator of injection molding machine have a better development trend?
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Injection molding machine manipulator as injection molding manufacturing automation specially configured machinery, it can reduce the heavy manpower operation, improve working conditions and safety in production and other advantages.With the progress of science and technology in our country and the continuous improvement of the degree of research and development of machinery and equipment, the manipulator of injection molding machine will have a good development prospect. In the future, the manipulator of injection molding machine will show the development trend of high repetition accuracy, accurate positioning, modularization and mechatronics.The following by Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Rui Bo automatic injection molding machine manipulator manufacturers for the future development trend of injection molding machine manipulator prospects are summarized as follows:

1. Save labor:

Manipulator out of the product placed on the conveyor belt or receiving platform, only one or one person at the same time to see two or even more injection molding machine, can greatly save labor, the injection molding machine manipulator is popular with customers to make automatic assembly line can save more plant, make the whole plant planning smaller and more compact and delicate.

2. Stable cycle and higher benefit:

Known as the injection molding machine manipulator operation to facilitate production management, in the long run most boss interest, because use the injection molding machine manipulator, the same plant, the same equipment, the same conditions, due to the stability of the production cycle, virtually increased production of production, and improve the production of this part is the net profit,Therefore, the most valuable manipulator of injection molding machine has also become an important tool for enterprises to improve efficiency.

3. High safety:

With the safety of workers protected, there will be no work-related accidents caused by negligence or fatigue.Make the hand into the mold to take the product, if the injection molding machine failure or key caused by mold, there will be a risk of hand injury, especially two shift three shift work, more prone to physiological fatigue at night, more prone to safety accidents, the use of injection molding machine manipulator can ensure safe production, especially in large injection molding machine is very important.

4. Improve product quality:

The newly formed products have not been completely cooled, and there is residual temperature. Taking them out by hand will cause hand marks and uneven manual force. There is uneven variation of the products taken out.Such as automatic demoulding, product drop will cause bruise, touch oil and produce defective products.The manipulator of the injection molding machine adopts the uniform force of the non-grain suction tool, the fixed locking time and the normal mold temperature. The use of the manipulator of the injection molding machine can reduce the defective rate of the product and greatly improve the quality of the product.

In summary, the injection molding industry using injection molding manipulator can effectively save labor, improve work efficiency, stronger safety is recommended.So that the quality of work has been greatly improved, and reduce costs to improve the role of enterprise competitiveness, I hope my article can help you!Thank you very much

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