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What are the parameters to consider when selecting injection manipulator?
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With the continuous popularization and deepening of automatic process flow, the application of injection manipulator in China's industrial field is more and more extensive and gradually deepening.And choose the machine equipment is the most important thing is to understand the operation of the basic parameters of the equipment and related matters, so consumers when injection molding machine manipulator of choose and buy, also need to carefully consider the parameters of the product and the related content, rainbow below small make up depth profiling for everyone when selecting injection manipulator need consider what are the parameters of the problem.

1. Consider the resolution value;

In the function of injection manipulator, precision is often easily confused with resolution and position repeatability.The resolution of the injection manipulator is determined by the system design parameters and affected by the performance of the position feedback detection unit.At the same time, the resolution is divided into programming resolution and control resolution, when the injection manipulator programming resolution and control resolution equal to the system to achieve a higher resolution.

2. Consider accuracy and error;

The final precision of the robotic arm depends mainly on the mechanical error, control algorithm and system resolution.The mechanical error of injection manipulator is mainly caused by transmission error, joint clearance and flexibility of link mechanism.Transmission error is caused by gear tooth error, pitch error, etc.The joint clearance is caused by the bearing clearance and harmonic gear clearance at the joint.The flexibility of the link changes with the change of position and load of the injection manipulator.

3. Consider the range of position repetition accuracy;

Position repeatability is a statistic about accuracy.Any valuable injection molding manipulator, even in the same environment and under the same command, the position of each action can not be completely consistent, there will be a certain error, but popular injection molding manipulator customers can make the error can be controlled within a certain range.

The above is to select the injection molding manipulator needs to consider a few parameters, and the test of the injection molding manipulator position repetition accuracy, different speed, different directions, the more times of repeated tests, the more accurate the evaluation of position repetition accuracy.Because the position repetition accuracy is not affected by the load change.Therefore, the position repetition accuracy is usually used as an important indicator of the level of the manipulator in the way of teaching reproduction. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to the position repetition accuracy when buying the injection manipulator.

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