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Ruibo ten years, all the way, grateful to have you
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Ten years of journey, ten years of harvest, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company, first of all, I would like to thank all colleagues, customers, suppliers and every care and support partners and friends along the way, the path of growth cannot be separated from everyone's mutual assistance and close cooperation!

Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of inheritance and leap, ten years of hand in hand to achieve the company now.Ten years is just a starting point for those enterprises with 100 years of experience. Compared with those outstanding enterprises that have been leading the industry in just a few years, we are more like "students with poor grades" in schools.However, for ourselves, it is a history of growth and transformation full of opportunities and challenges, hard work and dedication.

As the saying goes, "ten years trees, ents" in one hundred, only a few orders from one month and three employees of small workshops factory, after ten years of development, based in dongguan, shenzhen, guangzhou, huizhou, zhongshan, yangjiang, such as peripheral market, the development of suzhou, zhejiang, hunan, hubei, shandong, hebei, sichuan, chongqing, such as domestic other markets outside the province,Actively expand the Southeast Asian market.These small achievements are the result of the trust and support of all customers, the result of the efforts of all the front-line business and service staff, and the result of the hard work of all the new and old staff.At the same time, the company's internal control is also moving towards systematic, standardized and streamlined progress.It can be said that in the past ten years, the company in the dark of the thorns in the struggle to fumble forward, now officially dawn, the future will be waiting for the dawn.

Since the establishment of the company, colleagues have actively maintained the hard-won image and reputation of the company, always adhering to the core values of "practical, efficient, honest and win-win", less empty talk, no big talk, advocate practical, do everything well step by step.In the pursuit of good quality for customers while working efficiency, for the company and customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.We treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners with integrity, and pursue mutual benefit based on co-creation!

Ten years is not short, small step up and down;Ten years is not long, stability and innovation is the foundation of enterprise development.Born in the best time for hundreds of years, we will always keep the original intention of founding ten years ago, adhering to the purpose of striving to build the most competitive automation brand in the industry, to provide customers with useful, affordable and good automation products and services.Endless service, satisfaction forever pursuit, we have established an industry excellent automation enterprises for the goal of unremitting search and efforts, the future believe that our various series of products can better serve customers, create value for customers, customer achievements at the same time we will create good results.

Honor carries the past, pioneering aims at the future.The past ten years is a starting point, today is just a comma, in the future, we will make persistent efforts to add a color to the company's platform and everyone's common grand career blueprint, and will never live up to the trust and expectations of our customers.We believe that as long as we base on the past, innovate ideas, integrate resources, create high-quality products, and form talents and product advantages, we will be able to open up a broader new world!

Today is the birthday of all the Ribo people. It is a grand event belonging to all of us. The pulse of ribo will jump out the strongest note.I believe that in the next decade, there will be more new friends and old friends together to witness the take-off and dream of Ruibo!Standing at this time of the time node, I wish you, wish furuibo, let us stand together through thick and thin, the achievement of dreams!I hope the company will prosper and prosper in the future!

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