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The automatic manipulator manufacturer's manipulator is constituted in this way
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In the production and manufacturing industry, automatic machinery is gradually used to replace manual production, the use of machinery to reduce labor costs, improve productivity, but also to meet the needs of the development of The Times.In the production of automatic machinery, automatic manipulator is the end of the machine, I believe that many friends have understood the manipulator, but you know how to construct the automatic manipulator?Ribo automation manipulator manufacturers tell you oh.

Automatic manipulator

The robotic manipulator manufacturer produces the robotic manipulator in the automated mechanical system, carries on the work like the human body's arm, mainly may divide into these three major parts.

First: the execution system mechanism, as the name implies, is the part of the action operation.Divided into: hands, arms, torso.The hand is used to grab objects, the arm is used to guide the hand to do its work, and the torso is the arm, the support for the hand.

Second: Drive system mechanism, as the name suggests, is the power source of the drive arm to work, the general drive mechanism is mainly divided into these types: hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, electrical drive and mechanical drive.In each drive system there are various power sources to drive, such as click, air compressor and so on.Each drive system has its own advantages and disadvantages, so to choose the most suitable drive system according to the use of machinery, characteristics.In Dongguan manipulator of the main use of the driving system for the electrical drive, the advantages of the electrical drive system is convenient power supply, fast response, the driving force is relatively large.Signal detection, transmission, processing are very convenient, and there are a variety of flexible control schemes.The main motor for driving work.

Third: the control system, as the name suggests, is to control the drive manipulator to carry out accurate work, mainly including work order, reach position, action time, speed of motion, speed of addition and subtraction.Mainly through programming control, let the machine according to fixed procedures for production.

The above three points are the main components of the automatic manipulator introduced, through such an introduction do you have a better understanding of the automatic manipulator?If you feel small to write the article to help you, might as well pay more attention to the automation manipulator factory official website, if you need to order automatic manipulator, so you look for professional production and sales of automatic manipulator manufacturer Ruibo automation, more than ten years of professional production of automatic machinery, supporting maintenance services, cheap!Intimate and more assured

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