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How to install a manipulator to help you make money
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1. Some products need to include a mold release agent spray system. The spray release agent can be accurately sprayed into the mold cavity after mold opening (the nozzle Angle can be adjusted), and the dosage can be adjusted, and the spray frequency can be set 

2.The action of the manipulator of the injection molding machine is consistent with that of the injection molding machine, that is, the collider will not occur, nor will it interfere with the action of the injection molding machine, nor will the production cycle of the injection molding machine be extended excessively due to the action 

3.In case of shutdown of injection molding machine (fault shutdown, normal shutdown, mold replacement, equipment maintenance, etc.), the arm can be manually placed in a safe position or other necessary positions;

4. The installation direction of the two adjacent robots should be clear, and all actions and movements should not interfere with the safety door switch of the injection molding machine 

5.The mechanical arm has anti-collision function: in case of misoperation, the program is equipped with automatic anti-collision function, which can automatically judge and stop the action according to the motor torque, thus minimizing the loss

 6.That is, all parameters and data Settings can be set and modified by the computer, and then transmitted to the system for execution, or directly set parameters and data

 7. on the hand.All linear and rotation actions of the robot can be set on the spot and can be set within a certain error range. Once the error exceeds the set value, the robot will give a timely alarm and stop the action, and its fault information 

8 .will be displayed on the touch screen.When the injection molding machine or mechanical equipment fails, the injection molding machine and the robot will be interlocked.That is, the injection molding machine will stop operation when a fault occurs;Also in plastic injection machine failure, the equipment will stop

 9.failure (e.g., does not reach the designated position, did not take out of products, product drop, etc.) will immediately report to the police and its failure is outage on a touch screen display, easy to use quickly ruled out

 10.the material is durable, good quality, support and firm, with sufficient rigidity and toughness, not deformation in its work.

The correct installation of automatic manipulator will reduce the occurrence of faults as far as possible, and provide good conditions for the maintenance of high-precision operation in the later period, which is also the technical requirements that must be mastered when using.

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