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A brief discussion on the development prospect of five-axis servo manipulator in injection molding industry
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The five-axis servo manipulator can imitate the human hand and arm some action functions, in order to grasp, carry or operate things according to the fixed procedure active operation equipment.Manipulator is among the first to present the first to present industrial machinery, modern robot, although a little heavy, but also can replace people's hard work to end of mechanization and the initiative, to operation in a hazardous environment to safeguard the personal safety, although than people sensitive, but it can keep repeating work and work, tired, not afraid of risk, strength is greater than one hand, etc.By many parts of the attention, so widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy and other parts.

With the development of network skills, the five axis servo manipulator network operation question is the future direction.Industrial robot is a kind of high - tech active production equipment emerging in recent decades.Industrial manipulator is a major branch of industrial robots. It is characterized by being programmed to end a variety of expected work missions, combining the strengths of human and machine in structure and performance, and in particular showing some of the intelligence and adaptability of human beings.The accuracy of the manipulator's work and the ability to finish the work in various environments have a broad prospect in all fields of the national economy.

Five-axis servo manipulator is a new type of equipment developed in the process of mechanization and active production.In the modern production process, manipulator is widely used in the active production line, robot research and development and production has become a high skill category, agile development up a new skill, it more promote the development of manipulator, manipulator can better end the organic connection with mechanization and active.

Dongguan city rainbow automation technology co., LTD. Is located in dongcheng district, dongguan city pomegranate park nearby, the specialty is engaged in the production of injection molding machine dedicated mechanical arm and the surrounding automation equipment, is a collection of product design and development, manufacturing, sales and service into an integrated whole enterprise: in the plastic industry has a lot of automation planning and of actual combat experience.Products are widely used in the home electronics industry, computer and surrounding industries, optoelectronics industry, cosmetics industry, electronic communication industry, automobile industry, toy industry, daily necessities industry, medical supplies industry, etc.Based on the continuous improvement and development of injection molding technology in the future, automation is an inevitable trend, Rabo company adopts interactive sharing direct selling model, constantly promote new products, new technologies, so that you can query and buy satisfactory and applicable products without going out to save your procurement costs, reduce your operating costs.

Ribo company to "professional, integrity, gratitude" business philosophy to better service customers, Ribo company will continue to focus on meeting customer needs, for the plastic industry to provide high quality, high efficiency, excellent performance automation products, improve the production efficiency and quality of the industry, provide perfect products and thoughtful service.


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