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Please remember to collect the operation steps of injection manipulator
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Injection molding manipulator as a kind of automatic production equipment, now many injection molding manufacturers are in use, then Dongguan Ruibo automatic injection molding manipulator how to use?This is the need to pay attention to a certain method, the following small make up to discuss and share with you!1. The first step is to confirm that the power supply, air pressure source and other power sources are properly connected, and check the air pressure regulating valve of the manipulator to 0.4MpA-0.6mpa.

2. The second step is to turn on the power supply of the manipulator and return to the original point of the manipulator.

3. The third step is to set the action modes of the manipulator (according to the selection of specific products).

4. According to the label parameters on the manipulator fixture, input the standby position and clamping position of the manipulator.

5. Step 5: Set mold opening stroke of injection molding machine according to label parameters.

6. The sixth step is to check whether the clamping screw is loose, whether the clamping piece is damaged, whether the cylinder is normally telescopic, whether the air leakage, whether the sucker is in good condition, whether the gold tools are stuck and other bad phenomena.

Step 7 After the fixture is installed, observe whether all the fixtures are on the same vertical surface. If not, adjust the blocking screw on the connection speed so that the fixture is on the same vertical surface.

8. The eighth step is to semi-automatically adjust the clamping position. After adjusting OK, save the parameters.

9. The ninth step and then set the posture position of the manipulator in turn, the opening position on the way, the opening position of the product, etc.

10. The tenth step enters the timer module of the manipulator and preliminarily sets the time of each action.The ejector ejection delay (2S) and backward delay (5s) of injection molding machine were preliminarily set.

11. The eleventh step is to fully automatic operation of injection molding machine and manipulator.

12. On the first full automatic state, because between the manipulator and the injection molding machine can have the best cooperation, please observe the operation of two devices in automatic state, and then fine-tune all time all the time with injection molding machine manipulator (thimble ejection time, thimble back time, middle cycle time, etc.), so that the robots do the most rapid and stable response.

13. Complete the adjustment in the 13th step and fully automatic production.Observe the mold for 20 or more than half an hour and leave without fault alarm.

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