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Do not see do not understand: injection molding machine manipulator operation mode introduced
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The importance of the manipulator in the automation industry is self-evident. If the terminal control system is the consigner on the battlefield, the manipulator is the soldier in the front line.Manipulator is a mechanical product designed to simulate the upper arm of human body. It can do simple work of grabbing, placing and moving objects.They can do a lot of things that human beings can't do and they can work in some harsh environments with high efficiency and low cost.So in the industrial production is basically useful to the mechanical hand.Today xiaobian to tell you about the injection molding machine manipulator operation mode.

Manipulator for injection molding machine

Manipulator is operated through power control, injection molding machine manipulator common operation mode has four kinds: straight shift, back transformation, pitch and flexor extension.

zmkm-800_800 - 2020-07-15T152420.683.jpg

Straight shift: the design of this injection molding machine manipulator only has three cartesian coordinates to make the motion of linear movement, that is, the arm just makes the elastic lifting and moving and so on movement, this manipulator is relatively simple, characteristic is to occupy the space is big, the operation plan is small.

Return transformation: the arm of this injection molding machine manipulator has the horizontal rotation of this activity, this activity and the arm of the elastic and lift of two activity combined into a lack of rotation.This manipulator is a kind of more use, occupy a small space, compact plan, wide operation plan, but if it is on the ground can not grasp.

Pitch: this injection molding machine manipulator arm in addition to the horizontal rotation of this activity, also has the arm pitch this activity, the two activity and the arm elastic activity of a complete pitch.Compared with the reverse transition, the pitching manipulator can expand the operation plan and extend the arm to the ground to end the task of obtaining the workpiece from the ground under the condition of occupying the same space.Its shortcoming is the movement intuition is poor, the plan is more messy.

Flexion and extension: the injection molding machine manipulator arm has the big arm and the forearm two parts, in addition to the big arm with horizontal rotation and pitching activity, the forearm relative to the big arm and a pitching motion.In shape, the forearm bends and extends relative to the upper arm.

The above is the introduction of the operation mode of the injection molding machine manipulator, I believe I can also give you a little knowledge!If you feel helpful may wish to pay more attention to our corporate official website injection molding machine manipulator official website.Need to order manipulator or looking for manipulator parts or maintenance services, looking for Ribo automation, one-stop solution to your problems, reduce costs, improve production efficiency!

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