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What are the unique advantages of diagonal manipulator?
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With the development of industrial automation, all kinds of manipulator is becoming more and more perfect, the inclined manipulator is a manipulator that injection molding machine often operates and USES.Inclined arm manipulator is mainly used in the production and use of injection molding machine, injection molding machine is mainly used in the production and forming of plastic products.This manipulator is a kind of manipulator that the manufacturer likes very much. So what are the unique advantages of this manipulator that the manufacturer likes?

Inclined arm manipulator

First small make up to you to introduce oblique arm manipulator, it is a kind of economical and practical type of manipulator, mainly is suitable for the 30-250 tons of horizontal injection into finished products and down spout type machine use, manufacturers in the process of production of the use of this manipulator can effectively increase of ten percent to thirty percent of capacity, effectively improve the qualified rate of products, saving manpower cost, ensure the safety of the operator of the problem, here are some advantages and characteristics is introduced.

1. If the inclined arm manipulator fails in clamping during operation, it only needs to open the safety door of the injection machine, and all the actions of the manipulator itself can be restored to normal after taking out the products. There is no need to carry out other control operations to save production time.

2. The high and low azimuth of the manipulator itself can be adjusted, the expanded up and down the travel distance, the working range is larger, more efficient.

3. This manipulator is made of SUJ2 bearing steel as the material of the upper and lower guide rod in the production of Raybo Company. It has a high hardness and has been branded, so it never needs to be lubricated.

4. The inclined arm manipulator itself has the function of abnormal detection. In case of action failure or sudden accident of the manipulator, it will stop the action and remind the alarm in the control panel to ensure the safety of production.

The above points are some of the unique advantages of oblique manipulator, and this manipulator is very fast, the motion cycle takes only three seconds.Greatly improve the efficiency of the production, if you need to order the oblique arm manipulator is looking for a professional manufacturer of rainbow automation, our products are superior in quality, affordable, powerful, and has a complete after-sales service and maintenance service, removed from your worries, manipulator choose rainbow automation, save time worry more money!

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