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Transverse uniaxial robot -RA series

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The frame of the whole machine is made of high strength aluminum extruded alloy, durable and without deformation
  • Innovative side Posture Group design, fixed rotation 90 degrees, can be used with fixed or mobile die to take out the product
  • Magnetic spring switch clamp confirmation, sensitive and reliable
  • Belt running speed and direction can be adjusted and switched at any time, with rapid response
  • The drawing arm and taking arm are made of high-strength aluminum profile, with precise linear slide rail, light weight,Good steel, low friction and long service life

Product Details

Cross walk RA series

This series, also called mini horizontal walk, is mainly suitable for injection molding machines within 50-280T, economical and practical, the function is more powerful than X series, not only can clip the nozzle but also can suck the product, both suitable for two plate die can also be used for three plate die.In addition to considering the size of the template, the safety door and the height of the crane, the thickness of the product should also be paid attention to when installing the cross walk machine (in case it cannot be crossed out). Similarly, this arm is also divided into single and double sections, which can only be recommended according to the calculation of the above dimensions.In addition, in the past, this horizontal drive mode has air pressure, frequency conversion motor, servo motor and other three, because the first two in the function or positioning accuracy is poor, has been abandoned by the market, and in recent years, servo motor and reducer technology is more and more mature, the price is more and more cheap, sideways servo has become the market common model.

Features: 1. Transverse double-arm manipulator is suitable for two or three plate dies, which can not only pinch the nozzle but also take the product. It is more suitable for multi-hole products of one die, with functions of suction, holding and clamping.2. Transverse servo drive, accurate positioning, fast speed, high precision, and transverse multi-stop placement of materials;3. The fixture is equipped with magnetic switch, which can detect whether it is clamped to the water mouth and protect the mold safely;4. Anti-falling cylinder is installed at the lower end of the arm to prevent the arm from falling down accidentally and protect the machine and mold;5. The upper and lower, front and rear stroke of the arm can be adjusted according to needs;6. The handheld controller has a Chinese-English conversational operation interface. The operator is equipped with LED lights, which can visually understand whether the signal is output and facilitate troubleshooting.

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