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Three axis/five axis AC servo industrial robot -RBR series

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Robot / Injection moiding robot / Injection moiding automation

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This machine is suitable for 50-600 tons of all types of horizontal injection molding machine
  • Application of double speed mechanism, faster arm speed and shorter extraction time
  • Magnetic spring switch clamp confirmation, sensitive and reliable
  • Each shaft is driven by AC servo motor and adopts precise planetary reducer, which has the characteristics of stable operation, fast speed and accurate positioning
  • The arm is more flexible in operation and can realize multi-axis linkage, which greatly shortens the extraction time and operation cycle

Product Details

Product name: cross - walk manipulator RBR series

Model: RBR900WD - S5 / wd S5-1100

Usage: Take the product from the nozzle

RBR series

This machine is servo motor drive, belongs to the high-end, high speed, high function model, the control system adopts CNC industrial-grade computer, especially suitable for forming a very short period and need to be embedded in the mold or mold stack put outside the plastic products, high repeat positioning accuracy, fast, powerful, within the scope of stroke can design any action program, there are three, five axis.

1. Fast in-mold speed and short empty cycle cycle;

2. High positioning accuracy of the full servo machine, suitable for precision and multi-hole products;

3. It has powerful functions such as programming, embedding, placing and stacking;

4, full servo drive, low gas consumption, if the customer USES the old air compressor, this machine is more power saving;

5. No need to climb up and jump down the travel block, more convenient and safe operation and debugging, users are more willing to use;

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