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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Imported pneumatic components, durable
  • Ultra-thin fixture, suitable for open die narrow mold
  • Magnetic spring switch clamp confirmation, sensitive and reliable
  • The operation of the arm is more flexible, and the multi-axis linkage can be realized, which greatly shortens the take-out time and the running cycle
  • The drawing arm and the taking arm are made of high-strength aluminum profile with precise linear slide rail, which is light in weight, good in rigidity, low in friction and long in life

Product Details

Product name: cross - walk manipulator single - shaft/two - shaft RB series

Model: RB1100WDY

Application: Injection molding nozzle and suction products

RB series cross - walk manipulator

This series, also known as the medium transverse type, is mainly suitable for injection molding machines within 50-550T, which can not only pinch the nozzle but also absorb the product. It is suitable for both two-plate die and three-plate die.In addition to considering the size of the template, the safety door and the height of the crane, the thickness of the product should also be paid attention to when installing the cross walk machine (in case it cannot be crossed out). Similarly, this arm is also divided into single and double sections, which can only be recommended according to the calculation of the above dimensions.In addition, in the past, this horizontal drive mode has frequency conversion, servo motor and other two, because the former in function or positioning accuracy is poor, has been abandoned by the market, coupled with the servo motor and reducer technology in recent years more and more mature, cheaper and cheaper, servo servo has become a standard model.

Characteristics: This model is an upgraded version of RA series. Compared with RA series, RB series is a functional type, mainly reflected in several aspects: 1. The drawing adopts aluminum extruding structure beam with linear slide rail, with small forward and backward shaking and heavy load on the arm, which is suitable for multi-point precision plastic parts; 2.2. The single side drawing mechanical structure can be equipped with adjusting position motor, so there is no need to climb up and down to adjust stroke block;3. The upper and lower servo motors can be installed to gain the mold time;4. It can be modified to produce 2-axis servo, which is suitable for products with very short molding cycle.

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