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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Using injection robot to take products, injection molding machine can no one to watch the operation, not afraid of no one or personnel in trouble
  • Implement one person one system (including water cutting port, peak cutting and packing), configure transmission belt, one person can manage 4-5 machines, greatly save manpower, reduce wage expenditure.
  • The human body experiences fatigue, while the mechanical hand produces products at a fixed time without rest, especially in hot weather or night shift.
  • Due to the use of plastic injection manipulator conveyor belt, packaging personnel can more single-mind strict quality control, will not be distracted by taking products or from the injection molding machine too close, overheating and affect the operation.
  • The use of injection manipulator can improve the corporate image and competitiveness

Product Details

The injection molding manipulator as the injection molding manufacture automation specialized configuration machine, it can reduce the heavy manpower operation, improves the working condition and the safe production;An automated manufacturing device that simulates the vital functions of the human upper limb and controls it by itself so that it can transport products or operate tools in accordance with procedural requirements.The injection molding manipulator plays a key role in improving the production efficiency of injection molding machine, ensuring product quality, reducing scrap rate, reducing production cost and improving the competitiveness of the company.

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