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Injection molding machine assembly line aluminum alloy conveyor belt workshop conveyor belt pull line height lifting conveyor

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Injection molding robot / manipulator / Injection moiding automation

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • he rack is made of excellent material, simple structure, easy to maintain and low energy consumption
  • When the goods are transported, it is more stable and correct, and there is no collision between the goods and the conveyor belt, which can better avoid the damage of the transported goods.
  • According to the transmission of the load with different power, the use of the corresponding motor, the use of power smooth smooth.
  • The equipment is easy to disassemble and transport, can be used repeatedly, the system is simplified, energy saving, low maintenance cost
  • Strictly control every process to achieve zero errors

Product Details

1. Connected structure design, making installation faster, more labor-saving and improving work efficiency.Double row of large span steel nails, larger width of buckle;With large occluding area, uniform stress and enhanced tensile strength, Yanshi Longyu conveyor belt buckle can improve the tensile strength of the conveyor belt and avoid damaging the conveyor belt skeleton.

2. With a groove design on the back, the steel nails can be fastened in the conveyor belt inversely, so as to avoid the occurrence of nail peeling and ensure the integrity of the conveyor belt skeleton;

3. Low cross section and front bevel design of the buckle, reducing the contact between the conveyor belt buckle and the coating layer, rotary counterwheel, cleaner blade and when passing through the roller, thus reducing wear and extending service life.

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