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Factory Industrial radial swing arm robot injection molding robot manipulator

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This machine is suitable for 50-600 tons of all types of horizontal injection molding machine
  • Ultra-thin fixture, suitable for open die narrow mold
  • With four kill casters, easy to move, no hand wheel can be folded, does not take up space
  • The transverse axis is controlled by servo motor, smooth operation, precise positioning, fast movement speed, and multi-point storage
  • Reserved contact can be connected to peripheral equipment such as conveyor belt and receiving platform

Product Details

Name: inclined arm manipulator

Model: X650

Product use: it can clip the product and clip the nozzle

X series

This series is the cheapest price and function models of all the simplest models, mainly is suitable for the 200 t injection machine (greater than the tonnage of the injection molding machine rarely use this money, mainly because of the machine itself structure and customer shall not apply to the product factors), are commonly used to two plate mold clamp shuikou (head) and simple product absorption, three board mold clamp shuikou (head), product off automatically or semi-automatic, etc., if you want to learn more point products don't adapt.If the distance between the head plate of the injection molding machine and the bottom of the crane is more than 1400mm, X650V single-cut model is optional, which is cheap and affordable;If the distance between the injection molding machine head plate and the bottom of the crane is between 1200-1400mm, X650WV double-cut model should be selected, the price is slightly more expensive than the single cut, the function is the same.

Features: 1, the body can be rotated, easy to change mold;2, the fixture can be rotated 90°, convenient and stable product release;3. The fixture is equipped with magnetic switch, which can detect whether it is clamped to the water mouth and protect the mold safely;4. The arm structure adopts linear sliding track with aluminum extruded beam, with fast speed and little shaking;5. Anti-falling cylinder is installed at the lower end of the arm to prevent the arm from falling down accidentally and protect the machine and mold;6. The machine is equipped with an Angle adjusting frame, which enables the nozzle of the front safety gate or the nozzle of the rear safety gate to be thrown. 7.8. The handheld controller has a Chinese-English conversational operation interface. The operator is equipped with LED lights to intuitively understand whether the signal is output and facilitate troubleshooting.

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