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Dongguan Ruibo injection molding manipulator special inclined arm manipulator cyclotron manipulator single arm single cut mechanical arm

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This machine is suitable for 15-200 tons of all types of horizontal injection molding machine
  • Ultra-thin fixture, suitable for open die narrow mold
  • Pull and arm use aluminum alloy profile with high rigid wire gauge, low noise, small vibration, long service life.
  • Belt running speed and direction can be adjusted and switched at any time, with rapid response
  • Horizontal Axis Servo Motor Control, smooth operation, accurate positioning, fast movement, can be placed more objects.

Product Details

Inclined arm manipulator is mainly used in 15-200T, two plate die clamping nozzle suction rule products or three plate die clamping nozzle.The system contains built-in programs and can also be taught according to its own needs.Contains 50 sets of mold memory, convenient to change the mold out for use, save the adjustment time.This series of functions is simple, easy to operate, cheap, cost recovery fast!

The arm adopts high rigidity linear slide track and aluminum extruded beam, with less shaking.

The suction function can be added to the jig suction two plate die products.

Automatic fault detection is displayed on the operator and automatically recorded for easy removal.

The spare output point can be used for other automation equipment, such as conveyor belt, spray release agent

Optional European gauge joint, easy to connect.

The company has senior mechanical design engineers and automation control engineers, to provide perfect solutions and technical support for the industry.Give automation services in a variety of industries, including: computer and peripheral industry, electric power, light industry, cosmetics industry, automobile industry, the transaction machine parts industry, terminal industry, watch industry, precision gear industry, PET bottle embryo, CD industry, household appliances industry, audio-visual music industry, the industry of light guide plate, communications electronics, mobile phone industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging industry,...And so on.

We will adhere to the consistent "customer first" service principle, "good faith service, scientific and technological innovation, to create a first-class brand" as the concept.With more rapid, more professional, more humanized development direction, to provide perfect products and thoughtful service.

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