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Direct supply of cow head three - axis five - axis servo cross - walk manipulator injection molding machine mechanical arm

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Imported pneumatic components, durable
  • Ultra-thin fixture, suitable for open die narrow mold
  • Pull and arm use aluminum alloy profile with high rigid wire gauge, low noise, small vibration, long service life.
  • Belt running speed and direction can be adjusted and switched at any time, with rapid response
  • The drawing arm and taking arm are made of high-strength aluminum profile, with precise linear slide rail, light weight,Good steel, low friction and long service life

Product Details

Dongguan rainbow automation technology co., LTD is located in the throat sand hill road, dongguan city, the specialty is engaged in the production of injection molding machine dedicated mechanical arm, injection molding machine peripheral equipment automation and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises, such as industrial robot is a collection of product design and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the technology-intensive enterprises.

The company's products are widely used in the home electronics industry, computer and surrounding industries, photoelectricity industry, cosmetics industry, electronic communication industry, automobile industry, toy industry, daily necessities industry, medical supplies industry and other industries.With the continuous improvement and development of injection molding technology, it is an inevitable trend for the manufacturing industry to move toward automation to save manpower, liberate manpower, replace manpower and improve efficiency.Rainbow company team in the plastic industry has a wealth of automated planning and of actual combat experience, combined with direct sales, agent, contract system and so on a variety of sales model, continuously introduce new products, new technology, make your purchase according to their own site management requirements, conditions, environment to satisfied the applicable products, help you to save labor, reduce operating costs, improve quality, yield and benefit, enhance the overall corporate image.

Ribo company adhering to the "customer first" business philosophy, will continue to focus on the actual needs of customers to create value for customers, to provide customers with high quality, good performance automation products and solutions, in order to improve the production efficiency and quality of the industry, to provide perfect products and thoughtful service and efforts.

Dongguan Runpard Automation Technology Co., Ltd

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