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AC Servo Motor Five-axis Robotic Arm for Large Injection Machine and Injection Molding Machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This machine is suitable for 50-600 tons of all types of horizontal injection molding machine
  • For taking out the finished products of two-plate Mould, three-plate mould or hot runner mould and water gap.
  • Pull and arm use aluminum alloy profile with high rigid wire gauge, low noise, small vibration, long service life.
  • The operation of the arm is more flexible, and the multi-axis linkage can be realized, which greatly shortens the take-out time and the running cycle
  • Can achieve high-speed out, stacking, embedding, quality inspection and other complex applications

Product Details

RBR series, model: RBR900WD-S5/1100WD-S5 purpose: water intake, take products RBR series, this model is fully servo motor drive, belong to high-end, high-speed, high-function model, control system using CNC industrial computer, it is especially suitable for plastic products with very short molding cycle, which need inlay or stack outside the mould. It has high repeatable positioning precision, high speed and powerful function. 1, High in-mold speed, short cycle of Air Circulation; 2, High Positioning Accuracy of full servo machine, suitable for precision, multi-hole products; 3, powerful function can be programmed, can be embedded, placed, stacked and other functions; 4, full Servo drive, small gas consumption, if the customer uses the old-style air compressor, this machine saves electricity; 5, does not need to climb up and jump down the stroke block, the operation debugging is more convenient, the security, the user is more willing to use;

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