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The injection molding manipulator is composed of what parts
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At present, the injection molding manipulator, which is very popular in China, needs all parts of the machine to work properly.The manipulator has a similar structure and shape to the human hand, and can also complete complex operations that cannot be done by human hands.What makes an injection molding manipulator so flexible and durable, and see what parts it consists of.

1. Execution system, which controls various operations such as grasping and releasing products of the injection molding manipulator, is specifically composed of parts such as the mechanical arm, wrist and hand.Manipulator is like the shape of human fingers. It can also be equipped with a variety of manipulator shapes and collet sizes according to the shape and size of the clamping object.

2. Drive system: The power supply source of the execution system is the drive system, in various forms including pneumatic, electric and mechanical, etc.Pneumatic and electric are relatively common, among which pneumatic type has fast speed, simple structure, low cost and high repeatable positioning accuracy.The electric type has fast speed, continuous control and high positioning accuracy.Mechanical drive type action fixed, can be used in more limited occasions, the general use of CAM linkage to achieve the required action.Fixed procedure makes injection manipulator operation very reliable, low cost and high working speed.

3. Control system. The drive system is controlled by the control system, and then the execution system is controlled to operate according to the predetermined work requirements, and some unqualified actions are corrected, generally including position monitoring device and program control, which adopt point control and continuous trajectory control.The control system can be programmed to store the predetermined action of the injection molding manipulator, and can be stored separately or centrally. Separate storage is to store the information of various control factors separately in two or more storage devices, while centralized storage is stored in one device.

The injection molding manipulator with good reputation can complete a series of grasping and even more complex operations with the help of the cooperation of various systems. Without the implementation of the system, the injection molding manipulator will not complete the established work, and the absence of other systems is the same.When the injection molding industry keeps developing in advance, the injection molding manipulator will also go further and further towards the intelligent direction.Dongguan city rainbow automation technology co., LTD. Is located in dongcheng district, dongguan city pomegranate park nearby, the specialty is engaged in the production of injection molding machine dedicated mechanical arm and the surrounding automation equipment, is a collection of product design and development, manufacturing, sales and service into an integrated whole enterprise: in the plastic industry has a lot of automation planning and of actual combat experience.Products are widely used in the home electronics industry, computer and surrounding industries, optoelectronics industry, cosmetics industry, electronic communication industry, automobile industry, toy industry, daily necessities industry, medical supplies industry, etc.Based on the continuous improvement and development of injection molding technology in the future, automation is an inevitable trend, Rabo company adopts interactive sharing direct selling model, constantly promote new products, new technologies, so that you can query and buy satisfactory and applicable products without going out to save your procurement costs, reduce your operating costs.Ribo company to "professional, integrity, gratitude" business philosophy to better service customers, Ribo company will continue to focus on meeting customer needs, for the plastic industry to provide high quality, high efficiency, excellent performance automation products, improve the production efficiency and quality of the industry, provide perfect products and thoughtful service.


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